It's All Gravy Baby


Poutine Spirit

Classic Poutine, Crispy fries covered in brown beef gravy, topped with fresh cheese curds.

Mushroom Spirit

Classic Poutine, with a Vegetarian-friendly mushroom based gravy. Leave the Curds out to keep it Vegan.

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Smoked chicken, crispy chunks of bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese. All over fries and hit with home-style Ranch. 

BBQ Bliss

Fries topped with smoked chicken (or Pork), BBQ sauce, sharp cheddar & French's fried onions. 

Cheddar Wing

Pulled Buffalo chicken over fries, with sharp cheddar (or Blue cheese).  Picture shown is with Tots & Ranch.

Philthy Philly

A Philadelphia style Philly on fries. Onions, peppers, sharp cheddar & a queso-style cheese sauce all over Philly steak loaded fries.


A Canadian-Mexican mashup of flavors. House made chorizo, black beans, sharp cheddar (or Queso Fresco) all over fries.  Hit with a Chipotle-Garlic Sour Cream sauce.

Curd on Bleu

Smoked chicken & honey ham and cheese curds, doused in a house made Alfredo sauce. All over crispy seasoned fries.

Chili Wonka Fries

Chipotle Firehouse-style Chili, Shredded Cheddar, Queso Cheese sauce & French's Fried Onions all over Fries.

Reuben's Poutine

A Poutine tribute to one colossal sandwich. Roasted corned beef and sauerkraut over fries. Covered in melted Swiss and a drizzle of 1000 islands dressing.

CBR Wrap

Smoked chicken & bacon wrapped up with sharp cheddar cheese, baby spinach & homestyle ranch.

BBQ Chicken Wrap

Smoked chicken with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, wrapped up with baby spinach, cheddar cheese, and French's fried onions.

Halloumi Chicken & Cheese Wrap

Smoked chicken & grilled Halloumi cheese, wrapped up with baby spinach, tomatoes & a Balsamic-Cabernet reduction. 

Apple Fritter Fries

Sweet Potato fries covered in a house made Apple Pie filling and drizzled with caramel.

Fall For Pumpkin

Another Sweet Potato Poutine, covered in Pumpkin Spiced frosting, walnuts, and marshmallows.

Not-A-Reeses Cup

Peanut Butter frosting and Chocolate fudge drizzled over sweet potato fries, that in no way rips-off the famous Hershey candy bar. 

Key-Lime Lavender Pie Fries

Homemade Key-Lime Lavender frosting made with fresh local lavender.  All drizzled over sweet potato fries with crushed vanilla wafers. 

Key Lime Pie