Our Story

The Gravy Train, the brain child of Sean McCarthy and Ethan Percy, seeks to spread our passions for food, fun and community. Hailing from the Thousand Islands region of Northern New York State within eyesight of the Canadian border.  You can expect that plenty of Canadian Hospitality and frigid winter nights have influenced our hearty meals so that they will warm both the body and the soul.


           Speaking of our meals, not many people are familiar with what Poutine actually IS!  Well poutine starts with a bed of fresh French fries, then doused in sweet succulent gravy!  And as if it did not get any better than that, you cover that delicious mixture in cheese curds, which are little bits of silky, salty cheese.  And with The Gravy Train’s menu it does not stop there. You will be subjected to Poutines that defy the laws flavor covered in criminally delicious homemade curds . . . .we assure you, you are not committing a crime by eating here.

            In essence, what we at The Gravy Train are striving to capture for you is a meal that we grew up eating, with a kick of that Southern Soul that brought us down from cold!  We produce our own cheese curds and all of our gravies are made from scratch.  In addition, we aim to source our ingredients locally, whenever possible.  Come out and smell that poutine spirit and see if our Northern Hospitality is up to the challenge in South Carolina!! Hope to see you around Greenville!!