The Gravy Train was started in 2016 by Sean McCarthy and Ethan Percy. For half  decade this was the one-stop shop for all things Poutine in Upstate South Carolina.  We served breweries, weddings, music festivals and so much more across SC, NC and Georgia!!!


Unfortunately when COVID19 hit, we saw a drastic loss in regular business. We were so fortunate to continue another year with the support of Neighborhoods all across the Upstate.  But the year 2020 did not stop there. We saw an unprecedented increase in food prices across the board.  We had hoped to apply for some of the relief funds that were Federally available but were denied the PPP and the EIDL loans in 2020.  


And as if that was not enough, we suffered a catastrophic breakdown in February 2021 and lost our Trailer. We have continued to sell Poutine out of a small Take-Out location....but the dark clouds were still above.  Our co-founder Ethan Percy was given an ultimatum by his significant other to make more money and as a result he has decided to step down from The Gravy Train.


I would love nothing more than to continue providing the Upstate with delicious Poutine, but the writing has been on the wall to step down myself. It has been extraordinarily difficult running a business alone and it is time that I take the hint and move on myself. 


Noon knows what the future will bring. Maybe I will be able to restart up a mobile unit or find a nice location around Greenville to continue......but for now The Gravy Train is closed.  Thank you all for the amazing 5 years!!!!!